About Amalos

Amalos is a fictional universe set in the world of Minecraft. It extends and builds upon the survival aspect of Minecraft, by delving hardcore into the adventure stle of gameplay. From PvP content, to dungeons and raids with friends, to even pure adventure, we have everything you'd find in a traditional MMO right here built upon the casual game mechanics.

The Story

The citizens of Amalos have always been a simple people – one of family and farming; while the Valgarians are that of industry - inventive, efficient, and business; always striving to find a better way for things to be done faster, easier, and for more reward.

Around three years Before the War, Valgarian explorers and miners sprawled so far east, that they encountered small villages on the outskirts of Amalos. Fearful of these new people who use strange technology, and overall were completely different, Amalosian militiamen attacked them at every opportunity. Word spread through both nations of brutality and fear, and each nation prepared for war.

At the start of the year before The Great War ended, Queen of the People of Amalos, Sephalon the 38th brought her generals together, and demanded they find any way to end this war. Her generals thought of a drastic plan, and started it in motion. They had troops dig underground, beneath the trenches of Valgarians, and place the largest known stockpile of TNT known to humanity.

Igniting it would prove to be the most catastrophic decision ever in time. The explosion worked as designed by the military leaders of Amalos, but it was underestimated. It ripped a hole down to the core of the earth, and unleashed some sort of ethereal essence into the world.

The world itself had changed. Gravity seemed to stop working for the world, as dirt would stay where you put it, and stone would not fall.

The dead soon rose from the ground as zombies and skeletons, but the most terrifying were any of the soldiers that were killed in the explosion. They were mutated into these creeping creatures, and would explode upon contact with living people, chasing them to murder them.

This hole not only created necromantic monsters into life, but "demons" as well.

Both leaders had their armies retreat, and a mutual cease fire was called for. Through discussion, and pure infatuation, a treaty would prove to be unsuccessful, but a political wedding would ensure peace.

This new ethereal essence was later described as "magic" by both civilizations, and a research committee was put into motion.

Through their early studies, they learned that it opened not just a hole, but a doorway into several dimensions, including alternate planes of Existence.

It is now 1 year later, that you join us on this journey to learn as much as we can about this "magic", and how to save our world from being overrun by the demons, by closing the Demon Rift.

Game Features

  • Instances - Dungeons & Raids (4 & 8 player content)
  • Leveling - A permanent level you gain from Quests & Mobs
  • Custom Boss Mobs & AI
  • Custom World Mobs & AI
  • Class System - Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tank, and Healer
  • Custom NPC Shops
  • Over 500 Quests
  • Hidden Adventures (Solo Content)
  • Player versus Player content
  • Custom Achievements
  • Custom Items such as Gear & Weapons, and everyday items (ie. New food)
  • Mounts - On-Use items to summon a mount to control and ride
  • Official Texture Pack
  • Custom GUIs
  • New Inventory Slots - 2 Rings, an Amulet, and a Relic

Game Features Description

City Housing: To provide a persistent world, we've disabled building or destroying anything on the Prime Existence. We have spent time building houses in the cities as a convenience of players to quest and level on the Prime Existence for a fair in-game price.

Priority Log-In: If you are a Premium member, you will be guaranteed to log in versus a Free member. If the server is full, a Free member will be kicked in order for you to log on.

Chat Identifier: For Premium members we'll give you a special identifier in chat to let the other players know you're a Premium member.

"Heroic" Dungeons: These are dungeons that only level cap players can experience. They provide the best dungeon gear in-game, and prepare you for raids.

Raids: These extended length instances are meant only for teams of 8 players to tackle difficult bosses for the best armor and weapons in the game.

PTR Testing: As we develop patches and expansions, we'll allow Premium members.

Dungeons: These instances are for players to experience truly unique content to tackle bosses as they level, and receive loot that is only found in dungeons with stats on them.

PvP Content: We will have an Arena system set up, and plan to integrate Battlegrounds (either at launch, or in a future patch).

Solo Content: We've created a whole bunch of fun stuff to entice you to explore the world and discovery neat things we've left scattered across the map.

Questing: We've written and scripted over 500 quests for you to do to learn more about the lore, and to gain rewards such as gold, exp, and/or items and materials.

Classes: Our class system uses the generic "Holy Trinity" RPG system, of a Ranged DPS (using ranged weapons for more damage), Melee DPS (using melee weapons for more damage), Tanks (use higher armor valued gear to absorb more damage and keep enemies targeting you), and Healers (use special spells to heal your party/raid members). All classes have unique stats associated with them, and special abilities only players of the class can use.

NPC Shops: We've replaced the NPC trading system with our own, giving it the more traditional feel of an RPG. These NPCs are located practically everywhere, and are willing to give you anything you need for gold.

Resource World: This is the survival aspect of the game, located on another plane of existence, the alternate reality of Amalos. Players may use this place to build houses, and find all the resources they need to play. However, the plane is unstable, and may collapse at any time. Anyone and anything outside the "Safe Zone" will be lost in the atomic breakdown.