Steel IngotEdit

Steel Ingot
Vital statistics
Type Raw Materials
Effects N/A
Source Crafted
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

[view] • Steel Ingots are the metal obtained from combining 9 Blocks of Iron. They are used to make several Steel tools and armor. Steel is capable of mining blocks that Iron and Diamond tools can, with the exception of obsidian blocks. Steel is a very useful item in-game and is fairly difficult to craft due to the amount of Iron required to make each ingot. Steel is considered in the middle-tier level of Amalos Server, two tier below Diamond tools. Steel Ingots can be obtained from: Combining 9 Blocks of Iron or purchasing them via a Shop in the world of Amalos.

Steel Ingots can be placed in a 3x3 square on a crafting table to create a Block of Steel. Blocks of Steel are required to make Titanium Ingots which are also used for crafting and are very valuable in-game.


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